Polling is facing increasing scrutiny as election night is too often turning into a “how did this happen?” moment. Need convincing, look at the spread of Presidential approval polls which ask a single question yet can see up to a double digit spread in approval.

You don't change minds in Washington with sweet reason. You do it to the white light of public opinion.

Steve Forbes

In 2018 many polls missed several high profile races including Florida Governor and Indiana and Missouri Senate seats. We not only predicted the winners but the margin of victory each.

In addition to handicapping the horserace, we provides the drivers behind opinion to uncover what voters like and dislike about candidates and issues as well as how the public is reacting to everything from new messaging and the latest gaffe.

We provides unprecedented insights into the hard to reach audiences for both messaging and targeting. Looking for Trump supporters who oppose Chinese tariffs? Understanding what fires up apolitical voters in Iowa? What traditional targeting elements are most useful to reach voters deciding between Trump and Biden?

We can uncover insights not available through traditional approaches to help understand what motivates voters and how best to reach and message them to effect change.