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Twitter Gives Edge to Nelson in Nail-Biter FL Senate Race

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Twitter Gives Edge to Nelson in Nail-Biter FL Senate Race research shows that when social media discusses @senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott, people used these words: , abusing, injured, against, thank you, a disgrace to, am sure, an embarrassment to, and helping, are sick, be protected, beware, blistering, boost, crisis, criticism, endorsements, honor, impeach, is disgusting, is nuts, is right, is wrong with, moron, obstructed, oppose, opposing, pretending, risking, scams, sorry, subpoenas, support, supporters, the special, threat, to fight the, to retire, win, wrong. Based on our research, see the crowd's opinion and sentiment on @senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott . The data was collected from samples of comments made on the Internet through 04/09/2018. You can intereact with the polling data and see actual excerpts of opinions we've gathered.Use the search box to enter topics, terms, and/or names to see the latest trends and opinion polls on news, sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, hashtags, products, electronics and more. Opinion polls are updated several times every day on every topic.

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The 2018 midterm elections continue to heat up, with most of the talk about the supposed GOP debacle ahead and Democrats vowing to unseat Republican incumbents and push back against President Donald Trump's agenda. But now Republicans are issuing their own challenges across the country. The latest salvo came from Florida Governor Rick Scott, who announced on Monday that he will run for the Senate seat occupied by Democrat Bill Nelson. Scott is a noted Trump ally, but Nelson is beloved by voters, who have sent him to the Senate four times. According to CNBC, the race is shaping up to be one of the most expensive in Senate history. Both candidates command huge war chests, and both have strong party support. Social media users, however, definitely have a favorite. Nelson has carried 47 percent positive sentiments on Twitter over the past 90 days, against Scott's 33 percent. But Scott has been picking up speed, and it's important to note that these results include social media users outside of Florida. With Scott having officially launched his campaign, he looks poised to close that gap. –Hugo Guzman, Image: Twitter / @SenBillNelson

A Sampling of Opinions
A Sampling of Opinions
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Sentiment for @senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: abusing
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: injured
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: against
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: thank you
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: a disgrace to
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: am sure
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: an embarrassment to
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: and helping
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: are sick
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: be protected
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: beware
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: blistering
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: boost
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: crisis
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: criticism
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: endorsements
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: honor
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: impeach
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: is disgusting
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: is nuts
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: is right
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: is wrong with
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: moron
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: obstructed
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: oppose
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: opposing
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: pretending
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: risking
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: scams
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: sorry
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: subpoenas
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: support
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: supporters
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: the special
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: threat
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: to fight the
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: to retire
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: win
@senbillnelson Compared To @flgovscott: wrong