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U.S. Figure Skating’s Biggest Stars May Be Off Ice

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U.S. Figure Skating’s Biggest Stars May Be Off Ice research shows that when social media discusses @johnnygweir Compared To @taralipinski, people used these words: , the funniest, thank you, love, i love, loving, fabulous, best, love the, i love you, question, is the best, my favorite, better, shared, my favorite part, obsessed, oddly, thanks, the best, fantastic, good, i love your, a crying, are the best, awesome, gotta love, i absolutely love, i wish, is my favorite, legitimate, partnering, seriously, sorry, the worst, breath of fresh, enjoy, entertaining, favorite, i live for, i love how. Based on our research, see the crowd's opinion and sentiment on @johnnygweir Compared To @taralipinski . The data was collected from samples of comments made on the Internet through 02/20/2018. You can intereact with the polling data and see actual excerpts of opinions we've gathered.Use the search box to enter topics, terms, and/or names to see the latest trends and opinion polls on news, sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, hashtags, products, electronics and more. Opinion polls are updated several times every day on every topic.

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The U.S. is lagging behind in the medal count at the 2018 Winter Olympics, sitting in fourth place as of Thursday morning, but at least it’s earning respect for television coverage of the Games. More specifically, NBC's figure skating color commentators, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, are emerging as two of the stars in Pyeongchang. They both had their heydays on the ice years ago -- Lipinski won gold at the 1998 ladies' singles event in Nagano, Japan, while Weir was an accomplished skater in his own right with two Olympic appearances in the mid-2000s. Weir is known for his flashy look and gravity-defying hairdos, and Lipinski sometimes attempts to keep up with her counterpart, at least in the outfit department. They first cultivated a working relationship at the 2014 Sochi Games, and that's translated to an easygoing friendship. As USA Today notes, "The pair are close enough now that they sit for interviews with their bodies touching, and finish each other’s sentences." Social is a big fan of their chemistry: Over the past seven days, the Twitter handle @JohnnyGWeir has a 79 percent positive score, while @TaraLipinski is a bit behind with a still strong 73 percent positive score. –Alex Shultz

A Sampling of Opinions
A Sampling of Opinions
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Sentiment for @johnnygweir Compared To @taralipinski
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