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Twitter Doesn’t See Any Light Between Trump and Pelosi

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Twitter Doesn’t See Any Light Between Trump and Pelosi research shows that when social media discusses @realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi, people used these words: , thank you, lies, strong, shutdown, support, crisis, lying, shut, is losing, great, highest, liar, against, lie, to forget, collusion, hurting, thanks, dumber, supporters, win, to agree, claims, a liar, lied, resign, promised, truly, refusal, shut down, agree, question, to hurt, negotiate, care about, hate, is right, a better, moron, better. Based on our research, see the crowd's opinion and sentiment on @realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi . The data was collected from samples of comments made on the Internet through 01/10/2019. You can intereact with the polling data and see actual excerpts of opinions we've gathered.Use the search box to enter topics, terms, and/or names to see the latest trends and opinion polls on news, sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, hashtags, products, electronics and more. Opinion polls are updated several times every day on every topic.

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The government shutdown continues. Not used to hearing "no" the President is threatening to stretch the Constitution with a declaration of emergency on the souther border. Both the President and Speaker Pelosi have dug in their heels over the wall forcing just about everyone else to take sides. Twitter too has taken sides and views both leaders equally at 39 percent positive over the last two weeks. And where is the cagey Senate Leader Mitch McConnell in this mess? Trying to avoid another public embarrassment of Trump pulling the legislative rug out from under him McConnell is letting the House Speaker do his fighting for him. Senator McConnell refuses to bring any shutdown legislation to the Senate until Trump and Pelosi have reached agreement. So how's that working for you Mitch? Apparently not terribly well as @SenateMajLdr is pulling in just 26 percent positives over the same two week period.

A Sampling of Opinions
A Sampling of Opinions
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Sentiment for @realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: thank you
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: lies
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: strong
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: shutdown
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: support
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: crisis
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: lying
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: shut
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: is losing
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: great
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: highest
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: liar
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: against
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: lie
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: to forget
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: collusion
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: hurting
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: thanks
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: dumber
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: supporters
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: win
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: to agree
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: claims
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: a liar
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: lied
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: resign
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: promised
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: truly
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: refusal
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: shut down
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: agree
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: question
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: to hurt
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: negotiate
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: care about
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: hate
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: is right
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: a better
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: moron
@realdonaldtrump Compared To @speakerpelosi: better