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The Meh Halftime: Social Says Bring Back Janet Jackson

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The Meh Halftime: Social Says Bring Back Janet Jackson research shows that when social media discusses Justin Timberlake and Super Bowl, people used these words: . Based on our research, see the crowd's opinion and sentiment on Justin Timberlake and Super Bowl . The data was collected from samples of comments made on the Internet through 02/05/2018. You can intereact with the polling data and see actual excerpts of opinions we've gathered.Use the search box to enter topics, terms, and/or names to see the latest trends and opinion polls on news, sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, hashtags, products, electronics and more. Opinion polls are updated several times every day on every topic.

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In theory, Justin Timberlake had quite the PR strategy lined up: Drop his first album in five years, then follow that up with a Super Bowl halftime performance two days later. In practice, however, that rollout was bumpier than expected. His album, Man of the Woods, has been largely panned by critics as uninspired, lacking the type of smash hits likely to remain on the Billboard charts for months to come. And his performance at Super Bowl 52 is mostly getting so-so reviews as well. Timberlake made sure to bring out his biggest jams -- “Rock Your Body,” “Suit and Tie,” and yes, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” from the Trolls soundtrack. But footage from attendees in Minneapolis shows a mostly detached audience, even when Timberlake launched into a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U” -- a moment that had been fraught with controversy before the game when rumor had it that Timberlake might try to project a Prince hologram against the late artist’s wishes. For the most part, Timberlake stuck to show that had flash but not much soul, and for his efforts, “Justin Timberlake + Super Bowl” scores a modest 54 percent positive over the past two days on Social. –Alex Shultz

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A Sampling of Opinions
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