Sure, we deliver the usual suspects of brand and product sentiment analysis, but without understanding the drivers behind sentiment, or the ability to uncover new issues, it’s just numbers. This is where we leave the others behind.

Our near real time analysis of social media and news for all topics of discussion, related topics and the sentiments for each allows us to deliver answers, not just numbers It also allows us to keep a pulse on what sentiments are bubbling up within target groups, be it Brooklyn Fashionists, Silicon Valley Thought Leaders, or Beltway Insiders.

This same holistic view supports audience targeting both on stated preference as well as uncovering common likes and dislikes among an audience of interest to shape messaging and targeting. This approach supports leveraging DMPs to turn our audience clusters into audience scale.

We are far from the same ole for brands. Our simultaneous analysis of sentiment for every topic of discussion supports new insights, new targeting, and new messaging opportunities to accelerate your brand.