Audience Analysis

30dB’s Audience Analysis picks up where other Big Data Management Platforms (DMPs) leave off

If you’re only looking for an audience for a back to school campaign, no need to keep reading. Stick with your current DMP, filter on moms, zip code, kids and a Volvo, and call it good enough

Because we understand sentiment on everything simultaneously, we also understand what each person in social likes and dislikes. This allows us to do unprecedented audience analysis based on a combination of structured variables (geo, demo, and the like) with each individual’s expressed preferences.

Further, in addition to finding traditionally unfindable audiences, our platform goes deeper to understand all of the common likes and dislikes of the targeted audience. These finding provide unparalleled insights to (1) shape audience messaging, (2) target based on common likes and dislikes, (3) create “look alike” clusters at scale through traditional DMPs, and (4) ensure that the message of a high priced influencer marketing campaign aligns with the influencer’s followers.

Women runners in Florida who like Nike and dislike Lululemon, no problem. Apolitical men in Iowa, bring it. Sustainability supporters who are against electric vehicles, done.

Looking for a golden needle in the haystack? Let 30dB’s audience analysis help you find it.