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Impeachment Tanks After Mueller No-Show Show

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Impeachment Tanks After Mueller No-Show Show research shows that when social media discusses Impeachment, people used these words: , against, support, failed, opening, to block, voted against, overwhelmingly, to kill the, harass, leadership, to kill, resignation, in favor of, reluctant, fails, confident, waning, their support for, delay, gains, threaten, are necessary, peril, supported, supporting, unpredictable, defies, argument, striving, to undermine, argued, promising, supports, rhetoric, are considering, killed, in favor of, opposed, regarding, endorsed. Based on our research, see the crowd's opinion and sentiment on Impeachment . The data was collected from samples of comments made on the Internet through 07/25/2019. You can intereact with the polling data and see actual excerpts of opinions we've gathered.Use the search box to enter topics, terms, and/or names to see the latest trends and opinion polls on news, sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, hashtags, products, electronics and more. Opinion polls are updated several times every day on every topic.

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The much anticipated House hearings with Robert Mueller were held on Wednesday to much fanfare and little flame fanning. The Dems did score some useful sound bites around no exoneration of the Presdient and a spanking the Trump campaign received from Mueller over its involvement with Russia and support for Wikileaks, but for the most part, Robert Mueller kept to the script he said he would and there were no new bombshells. Impeachment was never a slam dunk with the public as reflected in a Washington Post - ABC News poll as of July 1st showing only 37 percent of the public supported starting an impeachment inquiry. Social media was less enthusiastic, with discussion about impeachment rolling around in the mid to high 20 percent positive range after adjusting for non-on point sentiments, however, positives spiked to a high 41 percent the day before the hearing as social was clearly looking for some new blood in the water. While calling out the cadre of convicted liars surrounding the Pres as well as the campaign's sketch connections with and support for Russia and Wikileaks, Mueller never delivered the smoking gun the Dems were looking for. Positives in social media for impeachment have tanked and are now down to 21.8% positive so far for today. It is undoubtedly bittersweet for Speaker Pelosi who is getting marks for holding her ground on the go slow approach, and despite social's latest turn, the Speaker is slowing softening to commencing an impeachment inquiry, according to reporting by Politico. With the Speaker still searching for a smoking gun this issue is one to watch going forward.

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A Sampling of Opinions
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