Public Opinion and Opinion Drivers in Real Time

Leverage Social Media and News to assess public opinion, understand who holds what opinions, and uncover what drives those opinions

We deliver insights on public sentiment and opinion

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.

Abraham Lincoln

We stand alone in understanding current sentiment on all topics of discussion from our non-stop analysis of social media and news.

This holistic view of public opinion allows us to deliver unprecedented insights not just into select topics but across all topics and all voices, to understand public opinion, who holds those opinions, and the drivers behind them.

Our Approach

You wouldn’t use a brick phone to make a call or a Walkman to listen to music, why use similar outdated technology to understand what people are thinking? The old school Boolean approach is slow, expensive, clunky and limits what you can discover to only those things for which you are looking.

We tossed Booleans and developed a revolutionary way to assess sentiment on every topic of discussion simultaneously. This approach allows us to immediately surface sentiment on any topic, the drivers behind the sentiment, how sentiment changes across different groups and breaking sentiment across all or custom groups of voices.

Our approach also supports unprecedented audience discovery. In addition to creating audience based on its stated preferences, we go further to uncover the common likes and dislikes of the audience to identify unique ways to target and message audiences.

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